I Tutor Students

I Tutor Students.

Helping students find power and confidence in words is the most important part of my work as a book editor. When I speak to a class, I look for the student who may not feel comfortable raising their hand or talking in front of others—and who often is the one who has the most to say. That is the student I want to reach.

Subjects I Cover
I work individually with students on reading and writing skills; literacy and comprehension; history and social studies; and homework management.

We start wherever the student is and move on from there. Along the way we may discuss books they’ve liked, those I recommend, and anecdotes from the many years I spent working with favorite authors and book series.

What I Do
I create an atmosphere of comfort. I am a tutor and coach, and a cheerleader too. We work in a no-judgment zone.

What I Don’t Do
I do not rewrite essays or complete homework for a student. I motivate students to do their best work on their own.

Please be in touch if you have questions and to discuss your child’s needs.

A few months ago a colleague asked me to take a look at her son’s application essay for admission to an interesting program in creative industries at a university in Canada. I was delighted when mother and son each offered video testimonials.