As Lucy Van Pelt might say, “The book doctor is in.”
I consult by the hour and do everything else (edit, coach, work soup-to-nuts) for a flat fee that you and I will negotiate at the beginning of the project.

I work with people from idea to finished book and can pick up at any of the steps in between.

Bottom line: I can help you with whatever you need. If you’re not sure what you need, I can help you with that too.

I coach writers.

I edit for publishers.

I mentor book editors.

I tutor students.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of what I do. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, contact me and we’ll figure it out together.

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I consult by the hour over Zoom. My fee for a consultation is $500 and if there’s a manuscript or other material to read in preparation, the fee starts at $750 and goes up depending on the amount of material.

I’m stating the price to save us both time. The fact is I’m worth it and so are you.

The one-hour consultation is recorded and comes with e-mail follow-up and lifetime membership in my posse.

I negotiate a flat fee for ongoing work with a writer. The amount is based on what we do and how many steps of the process we cover. I take into account the author’s budget. I take credit cards.

Body-of-Work Consultation: $750 and up
This is an in-depth consideration and discussion of where you are with your writing. At least a week ahead of our scheduled appointment, send me digitally any of your writing (500 pages max), a list of where you’ve submitted, and any rejection letters you’ve received. Include questions about your work and about publishing that you want me to answer during the consultation.

During the consultation I’ll give you an overview of your work. I’ll tell you what needs work—and I’ll tell you what to do to fix it. I’ll strategize your submission with you and cover some options (traditional publishing vs. self-publishing). I’ll help you identify one piece, if you’ve sent me more than one, to focus on for revision and submission.

You’ll come away from the Body-of-Work Consultation knowing exactly what to do.

Personally I think the Body-of-Work Consultation is the best deal in town.

For a little bit more about how I work, read my FAQs.

For general questions, contact me here.